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Mill Stands

1. Mill Stands    2. Housing Less Mill Stand     3. Multi Row Bearing Stand    4. Top Close – 2 Hi Bearing Type Mill Stand

Mill stands are the most essential part of a rolling mill. We are manufacturing and supplying Mill Stands for Hot Rolling of Wire Rods / TMT / Light, Medium & Heavy Section / Strip Mill and are made of ferrous and non – ferrous steel. Regular up gradation and design modification in the conventional stands are available in Fibre Bearing and Anti Friction Roller Bearing as well.



Rigidity, Reliability, Consistency and Easy Roll change are some of the features of Mill Stands Manufactured by us.


Mill Stands


Types of Mill Stands          –          3 Hi, Alt 2 Hi & 2 Hi Type

Type                                          –           Open Top / Top Close Type

Bearing Type                         –           Bearing Type, Fiber Type & Gun Metal Type

Material                                  –           Steel Casting / Steel Fabricated

Sizes                                        –           8″ (205 mm) to 30″ (750 mm) PCD Mill Stands

Application                           –           TMT Mill, Section Mill, Wire Rod Mill & HR Strip                                                                                                                                                         (Patra) Mill

Complete with                    –           Rest Bars, CI Beakers, Rolls, Foundation Lines,                                                                                                                                                           Couplings, Spindles  


Our Complete Mill Stand includes the following accessories as and when required: –

  • Pressure Bolts & Worm wheel attachment
  • Steel Fabricated Rest Bars or Side Bars
 Features of Mill Stand
  • Heavy Duty & Sturdy Design capable of bearing overloads
  • Minimum Wear & Tear
  • Adjustment Screws & Keys
  • Wear Tear Plate on the inside of the Housing for a longer body life
  • Compact & Simple Design to ensure easy roll change, with minimum maintenance so as to avoid any major downtime.
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Housing Less Mill Stand













Multi Row Bearing Stand

Multi Row Bearing Stand












Continuous Mill Stand or Top Close – 2 Hi Bearing Type Mill Stand