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Gear Couplings

A Gear Coupling is used for transmitting torque and power between two shafts. It is of compact assembly capable to deliver high rupturing loads at high speeds. The design of these couplings such that it will accommodate angular, off set or combined angular off set misalignment with in allowable ratings and permits axial float or thermal expansion of connected shafts.


Gears of the coupling improve the accuracy of the fit which results in smoother and quieter operations and offers long service life with minimum maintenance. The large area of lubricated surface also cushions shock and permits fairly high – speed operations.


Size Range          –     101 No To 115 No     

Coupling Type    –     Double Engagement & Geared Teeth Type

Material              –      Forged EN – 8 or 9

Flange Hole       –       Reamed

Lubrication        –       Allen Bolt, Forced Grease Type


* Other technical & design details about the Gear Couplings such as Max. Torque, Max. Speed, Flywheel moment, Inner & outer Dia. etc. can be provided on request by the buyer.


Designing & Construction Process of Gear Couplings: –

–           A torsionally rigid, lubricated design that offers high torque capacity which is capable of taking jerk load

–           Rated torque, rated speed, torsional stiffness, and backlash are some of the points considered while designing a                     gear coupling

–           High tensile fixing bolts with spring washers.

–           Teeth of the Gear Coupling are properly heat treated.

–           All Pitches of the gear coupling are precisely checked


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