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A flywheel is heavy metal wheel attached to a drive shaft, having most of its weight concentrated at the circumference. Main function of flywheel is to reduce speed fluctuation by storing extra energy during part load as kinetic energy and same is released during overloading. By slowly increasing the speed of a flywheel a small motor can store up energy which enables the motor to perform a function for which it is ordinarily too small. Shaft calculations incorporate a high safety factor and are validated by bending and torsion stress analyses.p1


Weight                        –           Maximum upto 30 M.T. Approx..

Type                             –           Rim Type

Material                     –           Cast Steel & Graded Cast Iron

Balancing                  –           Statically & Dynamically Balanced

Shaft Material          –          Forged EN – 8 or 9, Class IV Grade

                                                    with key ways at shaft ends.

Shaft Support Mechanism  –   Fabricated Pedestals with  

                                                             Bearing Blocks & Heavy Duty




Roller Bearings Rings           –    Shrink fittedinto shaft

                                                              for retention of flywheel.

Flywheel to Shaft fitting     –       Press Fitted

Pedestal                                     –    Steel fabricated for bearing block support.

Max. Speed                               –     50 RPM to 1000 RPM
* Other technical & design details about the Flywheel such as GD2, Inertia, Torque, Bearing No., Outer Dia. & Rim thickness etc. can be provided on request by the buyer.


Designing & Construction Process of Flywheel: –

–           Fully machined & bored on VTL up to Zero oddness
–           Statically, Dynamically & Mechanically Balanced
–           Ultrasonically Tested (As per Requirement)  
–           All Sizes within the Blasting Range of the Material
–           Flywheel is designed taking into account maximum possible energy fluctuation Encountered in service


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