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Free Standing Jib Crane

Free standing jib cranes are designed to stand on the land not by any other support


but by themselves. It consists of a pivoting vertical column and a horizontal load supporting boom.

Basic Parameter : It is a kind of middle and small lifting and equipment developed recently and very suitable for short distance moving and workplace of crowed lift and transportation.

Crane Rotation     :  360 degrees           Arm Length                :  up to 16 m

Rotating Speed    :  0.5 r/min                 Safe Working Load  : up to 16 tons

Working Temper  :  -20~+40℃            Traveling Speed        : 20 or 30 m/min

Power                        :  AC 415V, 50HZ,3P  Capacity                  : 1 to 5 tons

Control Model        :  Pendant Handle, remote and cabin

Applications            :  widely used in all kinds of industry

Hoisting Heights   :   up to 12 (floor to underside of boom)